Semi Automatic Bun Divider Moulder

Manufacturer: Becketts

Semi Automatic Bun Divider MoulderThe semi-automatic bun divider moulder will divide and round a pre-weighed dough piece, or head, for rolls, tea-cakes, donuts etc.

There are four principle weight ranges as shown in the table below. Others are available if needed, please call to discuss your requirements.

The knives are stainless steel and the pressure plate is cast aluminium to prevent corrosion from salt.

Each machine is supplied with three moulding plates. Mounted on castors with adjustable rubber feet.

No. of
Weight range
Dough Capacity
S15 15 100-260 4
S22 22 50-180 4
S30 30 40-135 4
S30S 30 25-90 2.7