Manufacturer: Baktec

BKL 200 ICE DUOThe Baktec ICE waterchillers model BKL all work according to the same principal: Fresh drinking water under mains pressure runs through a spiral which is chilled in a bath of water at 0°C. The fresh water can not be contaminated as it is not in contact with open air. The outlet temperature remains stable, without major fluctuations, which improves the dough quality.
The Baktec BKL ICE DUO is equipped with innovative solutions, which makes the cooling process even more efficient and effective:
The BKL ICE DUO has two separate water baths with water spirals for cooling water in two steps. This allows very low temperatures, below 2°C, to be reached even with high inlet temperatures!
The Baktec BKL ICE DUO is equipped with the new Ice Mass Regulation System. By using a set of ice mass sensors, the maximum ice mass (cold storage) is reached and yet the water spirals will not freeze.
With the new digital thermostat and thermostatic expansion valves, it is possible adjust the temperature very precisely. These have digital temperature readout so that the temperature of both water baths can be easily read form a distance.
The BKL 200 ICE is very energy efficient. During the year tap water temperature changes and accordingly the need for chilled water. Each bath has a Low and High power setting allowing the cooling capacity to be set to your needs. A flow switch, that only turns on the stirring motors when water is drawn, not only saves energy, but also improves the lifespan of the stirring motors. For optimal and efficient use of chilled water, it is recommended to use a water mixing and measuring appliance. Baktec offers water mixing and measuring appliances for every possible use.

This machine is single phase.

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