Baktec BKL200ICE water chiller

Manufacturer: Baktec

Baktec BKL200ICE water chillerBKL 200 ICE is fed by tapwater under mains pressure. This runs through a spiral copper tube which is cooled by immersing in a bath of water at 0˚ C . The chilled water cannot be contaminated as it is not in contact with the open air or the water bath. The outlet temperature remains constant and there is no waiting time between doses. This reliable system does not need a pump.

When chilling water, the last few degrees can require relatively more energy. Therefore cooling down in 2 steps with 2 units is more effective and efficient and even lower temperatures can be achieved.

* Capacity 150 liters/hour
* Output temperature 1,5˚C - 3˚C
* 12 - 20 liters/minute
* Stainless Steel
* Dimensions (L x l x p): 90 x 50 x 50 cm
* Heavy duty version available.

This machine is single phase.

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