As worldwide weather patterns become increasingly erratic the control of water temperature in a bakery is becoming more and more important.

The Baktec ‘BKL’ range of water chillers can help overcome these issues.  These chillers take mains cold water and pass it though a cooling coil that is immersed in an ice/water bath. The resulting chilled water temperature remains very stable and can be blended, via a water meter, to the required temperature.  The chiller uses a sealed system so the process water is not exposed to potential contamination with flour dust etc.

Baktec manufacture water meters for both commercial and industrial applications.  The simplest meters have a single water inlet and are used for measuring out a pre-set quantity of water. Meters with two or three inlets can blend water from different supplies to a pre-set temperature before metering.



Baltec BKL 200 Ice Duo
Baktec BKL 200 Ice