Dough Processing

Bun dividers and moulders

A bun divider moulder will divide and shape dough for making bread rolls, buns etc.  The moulders provide accurate and fast shaping of a range of dough types. They can be supplied as a simple manual divider, a semi-automatic divider moulder or a fully automatic divider moulder.

Mecnosud DR-M semi-automatic bdm

Mecnosud DR-M automatic bdm

Dough dividers

Hydraulic and suction type dividers to portion dough into the required weights

hydraulic dough dividers

dough dividers with cutting frames

Bread moulders

Mecnosud DR-M semi automatic bun divider moulder
Mecnosud 'DR-M' semi automatic bun divider moulder
divide dough with Mecnosud DV-20Tdivider with cutting grid
Mecnosud DV-20T divider with cutting grid