Water Meters and Chillers

Baktec manufacture water meters for both commercial and industrial applications.  The simplest meters have a single water inlet and are used for measuring out a pre-set quantity of water. Meters with two or three inlets can blend water from different supplies to a pre-set temperature before metering.

  • Water meters for 15 litre/min to 160 litre/min flow rates
  • One, two or three inlet options
  • Accurate flow and temperature control
  • stainless steel housing
  • large display
Baktec B1 Ceres II water meter

To achieve uniform dough temperatures throughout the year your water meter can be connected to a Baktec water chiller. 

Units from 40 litres/hr up to 400 litres/hr.

1.5°C to 3°C  outlet temerature