Rack Ovens

Europa rack ovens are ideal for baking large quantities of similar products.
Powered by gas, electricity or oil, rack ovens are ideal for baking a wide range of products. We can supply ovens from a half rack capacity to three racks capacity and can assist you whether you are looking for a rack oven for a test bakery, or equipment for mass production. With the product being loaded onto oven racks you can save time loading and unloading the oven.

Europa Galileo 2 rack oven
Europa Galileo 2 rack oven

When space is tight, it can be difficult to find a compact oven without sacrificing the efficiency we need. This is why we designed Bell, the rotary oven that is simple to install, even in the lowest and narrowest rooms, which ensures high performance in the bread and pastry sector.


Thanks to the patented “Free Style” technology, Bell is the first “zone” rotary oven, which allows you to cook even a few trays while consuming only the energy you need, with a notable reduction in consumption of up to 66%.

Europa 'Bell' compact rack oven
Europa 'Bell' rack oven